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Middle-Earth, and all Fantasy, are firmly rooted in J.R.R. Tolkien's magnificent The Lord of the Rings. It's odd, finally coming back to J.R.R.'s opus, after 20-odd years. Slow getting started, even, the prose being simple in tone, and old as the earth - a child's tale from another age. Yet the prose builds, grows, develops, so I've shed tears more than once before even completing Part One of the trilogy. Amazing language, compelling, simple and driven eloquence. Incredible - and though I may estrange the readers of Jordan, Feist, and others whom I also enjoy - none comes close to the Master.

hobbits on Weathertop If you've discovered Middle-Earth through director Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, do yourself a favour - read the books! And the converse holds as well; if you haven't yet seen the movies - do so. The movies may not be entirely accurate, but they are superb, and are as true to Tolkien's vision as humanly possible.

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  • A New Tolkien Dictionary defines and gives etymological derivations for names and terms in Sindarin and Quenya, Common, Mannish, and Hobbit. Exhaustive
  • The most ambitious Encyclopedia of Arda - an illustrated hypertext encyclopedia of Tolkien's realms and peoples. "The site is nowhere near completion, and will probably never achieve this. The index on which it is based contains almost 5,000 headings, and writing and illustrating entries for all of these will probably take years."
  • The Tolkien Archives - the NY Times Guide to the World of J.R.R. Tolkien. Updated weekly
  • Scholarly site, broader in scope than the name suggests, with an excellent bibliography of everything by, and much about Tolkien, at the Resources for Tolkienian Linguistics
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