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A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
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The Two Rivers
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The Black Tower


The Gathering Storm

I hate to say I told you so, but ...

The Gathering Storm has proven every bit as good as I had predicted. It is a worthy addition to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Truthfully, it is one of the better books in the series.

I will not claim this is entirely Brandon Sanderson's doing. He would not make such a claim, either. Sanderson honestly acknowledges that this is Jordan's work as much as his - Jordan's world, his characters, his carefully-scripted plot, his very extensive notes. The Gathering Storm represents Sanderson's completion of the master's unfinished work.

This book is magnificent. It starts ominously, and quickly gathers momentum. The pacing is relentless. It takes characters we care about, and they do things! Rand slides deeper into darkness and despair - it's disturbing, sickening, necessary. It got me in the gut.

Rand sinks low, low, lower. Great stuff. And yes, Rand faces the Forsaken. (Finally!)

Egwene faces Elaida. Finally. The Seanchan strike at the Tower. Finally. Like her or hate her, this book has great Egwene material. The plot twists and turns; Egwene especially delivers surprise after surprise. And some very, very satisfying developments.

Perrin turns his ass around. Finally.

My only concern is with Mat. He just ain't himself. The dialogue is not quite right; the levity is a little overdone. He's an actor/stage director rather than a scoundrel/general. He doesn't do much that matters.

There are other great moments, as well. Satisfying glimpses of Tuon. Some good stuff around Verin, and the Black Ajah. RFAO.

Footnote: Brandon Sanderson's personal work also deserves attention. I have reviewed his Mistborn Trilogy and Warbreaker elsewhere, and also highly recommend Elantris.

I will be updating the Compendium to reflect TGS, soon.


Robert Jordan passed away on Sunday September 16, 2007. [ tribute ]

In lieu of flowers, his family asks that donations be made in the name of James Rigney (his real name) to the Amyloidosis Research group at the Mayo Clinic.

May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home.

book cover: Knife of Dreams This is my seventh major revision of the Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming of the Wheel of Time, following the publication of Knife of Dreams. A good read, this one. Highly recommended.

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As before, weapons and armor of various lands are covered in detail, as is military costuming, and have been illustrated where possible. Thanks to Those Who Have Contributed for their comments and contributions. Please, send me your feedback. Even if I can't answer you all, it is appreciated!

Page references are for paperback editions, up to and including TFoH, and for the LoC and subsequent hardcover editions. The shortened book abbreviation RJWoT refers to the 1997 The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and Theresa Patterson. 'Legends' refers to the 1998 book Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg, in which Jordan's short story New Spring appears. NS Refers to the expanded novel New Spring which has since been produced.

Robert Jordan's books are all copyrighted by him (of course), excepting RJWoT, which is copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates. Chapter ornaments copyright 1989-2000 by Tor Books; used by permission.

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