The Serpent, Spear, and Wheel of Time
A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Rand al'Thor
Tam's heron-mark sword
Laman's sword
the Dragon Banner
the Dragon Scepter
the Crown of Swords
Legion of the Dragon
Perrin's axe
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Two Rivers bow
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon
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the Band of the Red Hand
The Two Rivers
Two Rivers bow
Queen's guards of Andor
Elayne's Bodyguard

The Aiel
al'Lan Mandragoran
Shienaran lances
Saldaean light cavalry
the Arafellin
the Crown of Swords
The White Tower
al'Lan Mandragoran
Armsmen of Tar Valon
The Black Tower
The Seanchan
Deathwatch Guards
sul'dam and damane

The Other Nations
Defenders of the Stone
Mayener Winged Guards
Arad Doman
Amadician pikes
Far Madding Guards
Other Weapons
Loial's axe
Birgitte and her bow
Aram's sword
Sword of Kirukan
throwing daggers
the Ebou Dari marriage knife
Aludra's Dragons, &tc.
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** Aludra's Dragons, grenades, and pyrotechnics **

Aludra, a former Illuminator and now a pioneer in military explosives, joins Mat Cauthon's Band of the Red Hand for the promise of revenge on the Seanchan.

Nightflowers are Aludra's first contribution to Mat's military campaigns: fireworks sent high into the sky, for signalling purposes, or to illuminate a battlefield. Mat juggles one, "a dark ball the size of a large melon ... the covering seemed to be stiff leather, with a tiny stub of fuse sticking out of one side ... Something the size of this nightflower would likely blow him and Aludra to scraps." <KoD: 8, 213-214, Dragons' Eggs> The nightflower is loaded fuse-down, and pushed down with a capped rod <KoD: 8, 215, Dragons' Eggs>.

Special "tall, metal-bound lofting tubes ... [with a] broad wooden base" are used to send these projectiles skyward <KoD: 37, 738, Prince of the Ravens>. These are as tall as Mat (approx. 6 feet; see Measurements), made of wood bound with metal, and about a foot in diameter; each takes about two men to move. With such tubes, a melon-sized nightflower can be sent 300 paces high <KoD: 8, 213-214, Dragons' Eggs>.

In its last battle against the Seanchan, the Band uses grenades provided by Aludra: "stubby leather cylinders larger than a man's fist with a short length of dark fuse sticking out the end." <KoD: 37, 743, Prince of the Ravens> Each has a layer of hard pebbles around the charge: shrapnel that bites deep when it explodes. Launched using four-feet sling-staffs, these have a range of over 100 paces, or some 300 feet <KoD: 37, 748, Prince of the Ravens>. Sling-men are described in detail in the section on Shen an Calhar.

Not yet uncovered in Knife of Dreams are Aludra's Dragons: cannons. Heavy artillery. We do, however, have some knowledge of what form these will take. With lofting tubes made of bronze, "I could use a charge that would send something a little smaller close to two miles. Making the slow-match slower, to let it travel that far, is easy enough. Smaller but heavier, made of iron, and there would be nothing for pretty colors, only the bursting charge." <KoD: 8, 214, Dragons' Eggs> That is, dragons' eggs aren't simple cannonballs, but explode at their destination. Likely, these will resemble Aludra's unnamed grenades, but on a larger scale and using iron instead of pebbles.

Such cannons do not move themselves. Four horses will draw a single dragoncart; a second cart the eggs <KoD: 8, 215, Dragons' Eggs>. Expect to see them, soon.

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