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** Do Fades Have Noses? **

The rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan newsgroup embroiled itself in a vehement debate, some time ago, as Jordan-obsessed artists struggled to depict Myrddraal: do Fades have eyebrows? Unfortunately, this question only skirts a much more important question, namely, how to depict a Myrddraal:

nose or no nose?

Personally, I have no doubts: the nose is absent. Suits my personal sense of aesthetics. Jordan repeatedly insists on a egg-smooth face, presumably lacking a nose. Despite frequent mentions of Myrddraal, and detailed descriptions of their faces, a nose is never mentioned.

The WoT presents a face that is "From oily black hair to puffy cheeks ... as smooth as an eggshell." <TEotW: 17, 247, Watchers and Hunters> Surely a "... smooth expanse of pale, pasty face ..." <TDR: 29, Prologue> leaves no room for a nose. "barefaced" <TEotW: 51, 761, Against the Shadow> I presume means noseless, and "... a dead-white sweep of skin where eyes should be ..." <TFoH: 22, 398, Birdcalls by night>, while it does not disallow for such a facial feature, surely would not be called a sweep if a nose were present.

Given that noselessness has been established, or is very probable at the least, why would Jordan not have mentioned so great an oversight? Think of the unexplored literary possibilities: "The look of the Noseless is fear", or perhaps "The sniff of the Noseless is death"; "Wolf images were complex: Neverborn, but also they were scentless two-legs, Leafblighter's Unnosed ..." The very mention of a Myrddraal's noselessness could enhance the ominous, chilling quality of Jordan's description.

I further note that Fades are referred to as Halfmen. Not Halfpeople, never Halfwomen; there are no females. They are Neverborn, that is, not born of a mother, a female of the species. Only makes sense within the framework of the WoT; the ability to sniff is requisite for any of Jordan's female characters. Coincidence? I think not -- Fades are, must be, noseless.

Then again, perhaps the Noseless *can* sniff, just as the Eyeless can stare. Perhaps I've gotten it all wrong:

"The Halfwoman audibly sniffed, and tugged at her black cloak."

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