The Serpent, Spear, and Wheel of Time
A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Rand al'Thor
Tam's heron-mark sword
Laman's sword
the Dragon Banner
the Dragon Scepter
the Crown of Swords
Legion of the Dragon
Perrin's axe
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Two Rivers bow
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon
the Shadar Logoth dagger
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The Two Rivers
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Queen's guards of Andor
Elayne's Bodyguard

The Aiel
al'Lan Mandragoran
Shienaran lances
Saldaean light cavalry
the Arafellin
the Crown of Swords
The White Tower
al'Lan Mandragoran
Armsmen of Tar Valon
The Black Tower
The Seanchan
Deathwatch Guards
sul'dam and damane

The Other Nations
Defenders of the Stone
Mayener Winged Guards
Arad Doman
Amadician pikes
Far Madding Guards
Other Weapons
Loial's axe
Birgitte and her bow
Aram's sword
Sword of Kirukan
throwing daggers
the Ebou Dari marriage knife
Aludra's Dragons, &tc.
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** al'Lan Mandragoran **

Jordan describes the sword of the Malkieri as "... almost a twin of Rand's except for the lack of herons ..." <TGH: 1, 5, The Flame of Tar Valon> Like Tam's sword, it was Power-wrought by Aes Sedai, in times far past, needs no sharpening, and will never rust. 'Nuff said.

Except in settings where he might be recognized as a Warder by his clothes, he wears a typical (for Gaidin) dark green coat and fancloth cloak: "... a dark grayish green that would have faded into leaf or shadow, and his cloak swirled through shades of gray and green and brown as it shifted in the wind. It almost seemed to disappear at times ... fading into whatever lay beyond it ..." <TEotW: 2, 29, Strangers; see also RJWoT: 3, 36-38, The Age of Legends> Though the cloak is mentioned frequently, the dark, olive-green coat doesn't reappear until ACoS <ACoS: 12, A Morning of Victory, 232; 37, A Note from the Palace, 580; etc.>.

Lan dons his matching armor more rarely, a "... gray-green scaled armor that would make him all but disappear in forest or darkness." <TGH: 9, 147, Leavetakings> In the Blight, he also wears steel-backed gauntlets, though this is the only place where these are mentioned for Lan <TEotW: 49, 753, The Dark One Stirs>.

The hadori, the braided leather cord about his temples, holds back the shoulder-length hair of Malkieri warriors. Also described as a "narrow leather headband," <TEotW: 2, 50, Strangers> it apparently binds tightly: a Malkieri named Kurenin abandoned it, but apparently "The years had not erased the marks of his hadori completely." <Legends: 642, New Spring; see also Legends: 638, New Spring>

For the inside back cover of Legends (see my Kandori page, Sweet depicts the hadori as red. In all Jordan's descriptions, colour is never mentioned, and it is much more likely that it is unstained or undyed in any way.

Particular also to Lan is one more outward marker, the ring of the Malkieri kings, "... a signet ring, heavy gold and worn with age, almost large enough for both her thumbs to fit through. On it, a crane flew above a lance and crown, all carefully wrought in detail." <TGH: 8, 135, The Dragon Reborn>

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