The Serpent, Spear, and Wheel of Time
A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Rand al'Thor
Tam's heron-mark sword
Laman's sword
the Dragon Banner
the Dragon Scepter
the Crown of Swords
Legion of the Dragon
Perrin's axe
Perrin's hammer
Two Rivers bow
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon
the Shadar Logoth dagger
the Horn of Valere
the Band of the Red Hand
The Two Rivers
Two Rivers bow
Queen's guards of Andor
Elayne's Bodyguard

The Aiel
al'Lan Mandragoran
Shienaran lances
Saldaean light cavalry
the Arafellin
the Crown of Swords
The White Tower
al'Lan Mandragoran
Armsmen of Tar Valon
The Black Tower
The Seanchan
Deathwatch Guards
sul'dam and damane

The Other Nations
Defenders of the Stone
Mayener Winged Guards
Arad Doman
Amadician pikes
Far Madding Guards
Other Weapons
Loial's axe
Birgitte and her bow
Aram's sword
Sword of Kirukan
throwing daggers
the Ebou Dari marriage knife
Aludra's Dragons, &tc.
measurements in the WoT
link to us
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** Robert Jordan on the WWW **

Jordan's Wheel of Time series is a mammoth undertaking. It is only understandable that it takes over a year for each subsequent volume to be released, one I confess to avidly devouring once it comes out. To ease your hunger, waiting between books, I offer the following sites:
  • Robert Jordan's official page at
  • - Excellent source of up-to-date Wheel of Time information. Hosts Robert Jordan's blog!
  • The Wheel of Time Index - Pam Korda's excellent, Compleat guide to all Web-based information on Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time. Lists it all
  • The Wheel of Time FAQ - answered in friendly hypertext
  • Encyclopaedia WoT - the exhaustive encyclopedia on The Wheel of Time: annotated chapter summaries, character write-ups, geography, history, etc. Over 3000 pages and up to 300,000 page hits per month
  • wotmania - features Robert Jordan's official blog, active discussion forums, FAQ, Theories, etc. Very well organized
  • The White Tower at TarValon.Net - impressive WoT fan community, styled after (obviously) the White Tower. Serves fans not only in English, but also in Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Norsk, Español, Svenska
  • The Great Hall - WoT fan community, with discussion forums, a WoT-dedicated Wiki, White Tower-based roleplay, and more
  • Theoryland of the Wheel of Time - Loonie or likely? Rand merges with Moridin; Slayer killed Asmodean. You decide ...
  • WOTmud IV - the free online role-playing MUD (Multi-user dungeon) game based on the Wheel of Time, on-line since 1993. Wield angreal as Aes Sedai, sharpen your knife as a Trolloc or serve the Empress! Don't miss their excellent Wheel of Time Directory - links to great sites, and all of them up to date. Highly recommended
  • The Knife of Dreams Internet Hunt is now over, but for a WoT fan, the Hunt is prize enough

Pages dedicated to Wheel of Time Art

Arms and Armor Vendors on Web

  • The Keener Edge - Fine swords and collectibles - battle-ready Paul Chen & Cold Steel katanas, movie, medieval, functional & hand forged katanas and swords. Case ERTL & Collectible knives, sword racks & plaques, dragon figurines, & Henckels knife blocks

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