The Serpent, Spear, and Wheel of Time
A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Rand al'Thor
Tam's heron-mark sword
Laman's sword
the Dragon Banner
the Dragon Scepter
the Crown of Swords
Legion of the Dragon
Perrin's axe
Perrin's hammer
Two Rivers bow
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon
the Shadar Logoth dagger
the Horn of Valere
the Band of the Red Hand
The Two Rivers
Two Rivers bow
Queen's guards of Andor
Elayne's Bodyguard

The Aiel
al'Lan Mandragoran
Shienaran lances
Saldaean light cavalry
the Arafellin
the Crown of Swords
The White Tower
al'Lan Mandragoran
Armsmen of Tar Valon
The Black Tower
The Seanchan
Deathwatch Guards
sul'dam and damane

The Other Nations
Defenders of the Stone
Mayener Winged Guards
Arad Doman
Amadician pikes
Far Madding Guards
Other Weapons
Loial's axe
Birgitte and her bow
Aram's sword
Sword of Kirukan
throwing daggers
the Ebou Dari marriage knife
Aludra's Dragons, &tc.
measurements in the WoT
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hand-and-a-half flambard sword

** Saldaean light cavalry **

    "... the finest light cavalry in the known world ... The Saldaeans' ferocity in battle is at least the equal of that of any other Border nation, and their equestrian skills are far superior." <RJWoT: 28, The Borderlands, 253-4>
Unfortunately, Robert Jordan says more of Saldaean battle prowess and horsemanship <LoC: 26, Connecting Lines, 372, and RJWoT, op. cit.>, than he does of their appearance. Readying for battle, they appear as "... unarmored men in short coats ... beneath a small forest of shining lance heads." <TPoD: 22, 421, Gathering Clouds> Jordan also tells of baggy trousers tucked into boots, of "... bold noses and tilted eyes; some wore glossy black beards, some thick mustaches, and some were clean-shaven." <LoC: 45, A Bitter Thought, 564; also LoC: 10, A Saying in the Borderlands, 193>

Saldaeans carry their swords, "... those almost straight, slightly serpentine blades ..." on the hip <LoC: 2, A New Arrival, 76; 16, Tellings of the Wheel, 279>, suggesting a one-handed sword, or at the most, a one-and-a-half-hand sword. Blades are almost certainly of the wavy, flambard (often erroneously called flamberge) variety. While a slight, single-curve sword is still possible, as are Tam's, Lan's, and Laman's swords, it is telling that these are never described as serpentine.

Lord Davram Bashere's blade is referred to as "... the curved sword at his hip ...", quite possibly more strongly curved than that of regular Saldaean cavalry, and possibly featuring a single curve in the style of a cavalry saber. It is also described as "ring-quilloned" <TFoH: 56, Glowing Embers, 957>, which may or may not be typical for the swords of the rank and file. In apparent contrast with his soldiers, Bashere also wears a helmet with face-bars in battle against the Seanchan. <TPoD: 24, 478, A Time for Iron>

Bashere, Marshal-General of Saldaea, is also more than once depicted "... in a short gray coat embroidered with silver on cuffs and lapels, and baggy trousers tucked into boots turned down at the knee." <LoC: 1, Lion on the Hill, 68; 56, Glowing Embers, 957> At least on one occasion, though, the coat is of gold-worked gray; his boots are "waxed till they shone." <KoD: 20, 424-425, The Golden Crane>

Bashere also carries "the ivory baton of the Marshal-General of Saldaea, tipped with a golden wolf's head, tucked behind his belt opposite his sword." <KoD: 20, 424, The Golden Crane; TPoD: 21, 419, Answering the Summons> The wolf-head is undoubtedly a nod to Perrin, the future Wolf King, who with Faile is now heir to the Broken Crown.

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