The Serpent, Spear, and Wheel of Time
A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming
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Rand al'Thor
Tam's heron-mark sword
Laman's sword
the Dragon Banner
the Dragon Scepter
the Crown of Swords
Legion of the Dragon
Perrin's axe
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Two Rivers bow
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon
the Shadar Logoth dagger
the Horn of Valere
the Band of the Red Hand
The Two Rivers
Two Rivers bow
Queen's guards of Andor
Elayne's Bodyguard

The Aiel
al'Lan Mandragoran
Shienaran lances
Saldaean light cavalry
the Arafellin
the Crown of Swords
The White Tower
al'Lan Mandragoran
Armsmen of Tar Valon
The Black Tower
The Seanchan
Deathwatch Guards
sul'dam and damane

The Other Nations
Defenders of the Stone
Mayener Winged Guards
Arad Doman
Amadician pikes
Far Madding Guards
Other Weapons
Loial's axe
Birgitte and her bow
Aram's sword
Sword of Kirukan
throwing daggers
the Ebou Dari marriage knife
Aludra's Dragons, &tc.
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** Shienaran lances **

Little can be said about these weapons, except that they were "... tipped with two feet of steel ..." <TGH: 9, 145, Leavetakings>, and presumably unadorned in the usual Shienaran fashion. Again, given the uncertain length of a foot (see also measurements), the point could be anywhere from 20 to 24" long. They were obviously meant for use by Shienar's heavy cavalry, as Ingtar's twenty demonstrate in the pursuit of the stolen Horn of Valere <TGH: 10, 173-82, The Hunt Begins; 28, 408, A New Thread in the Pattern; RJWoT: 28, 249, The Borderlands>.

The term "Shienaran lances" also identifies these warriors themselves <TGH: 11, 190-1, Glimmers of the Pattern, and elsewhere>:

    "... each fighting man wears his hair in a topknot, with his hair partially shaved around it ... most fighters wearing one or two longswords strapped to their backs and all wearing a broadsword, axe, or mace at their belt ... Armor is usually a combination of leather, mail, and plate, often covered by a surcoat with the Black Hawk upon it. Their powerful warhorses are armored as well, with steel barding protecting the vulnerable head, neck and chest." <RJWoT: 28, 249, The Borderlands>

    "Their mounts were not armored, as Shienaran heavies' animals often were, but the men themselves wore plate-and-mail, with long-hilted swords on their backs, and swords and maces hung at their belts and from their saddles." <WH: 27, 518, To Surprise Queens and Kings>

Instantly recognizable by bare heads, shaven but for topknots that might sometimes reach their shoulders <WH: 27, 519, To Surprise Queens and Kings; many other references> and typically mounted, they "... usually fought in armor, man and horse alike ...", with "... short horsebows at the ready ... A two-handed sword hilt stuck up above each man's shoulder through a slit in his cloak ..." <TDR: 1, 32, Waiting>

Lan at the gates of Canluum
concept art for New Spring, by Dabel Brothers
Copyright © 2005, Red Eagle Entertainment

Shienaran bladeElsewhere also, Shienarans are noted to carry two-handed swords slung on their backs, as well as daggers at their sides <TGH: 14, 225, Wolfbrother; TFoH: 39, 610, Encounters in Samara>. The Museum Replicas version of this sword, shown, measures 45½", with a 36" blade, and weighs in at 2 lbs.

Shienaran battle dress consists of "... plain conical helmets and plate-and-mail armor ... golden surcoats bore the Black Hawk on the chest." <TGH: 3, 25, Friends and Enemies; TGH: 9, 145, Leavetakings>; this armor consists of "... steel mail, with pieces of plate armor ..." <TSR: 42, 852, Need>. Out of battle, Shienaran warriors may opt for "... light mail ... under their plain coats ..." <TDR: 1, 35, Waiting>

The plain conical helmets mentioned above are more than simple cones, however. A barred face-guard, a description of eyes that "... peered from his helmet like twin caves inside another cave ..." <TGH: 3, 25, Friends and Enemies> and the statement "The bars of their helmets covered their faces... " <TGH: 9, 145, Leavetakings> suggest that these conical helmets extend down to cover the entire face, and that bars cross the gap between them in a horizontal fashion. A basinet with bar grill visor, similar to that shown for the Queen's Guards of Andor, may be a good model for this helmet.

Interestingly, in WH, Jordan mentions "... the strange swooping crests on their helmets..." < WH: 27, 518, To Surprise Queens and Kings> as though these are common to all Shienarans; this differs markedly from the "plain conical helmets" alluded to before, and described in the other books; these crests are also omitted from the detailed description in RJWoT. finger gauntlets

The heavy armoring of the Shienaran extends even to their hands: those of officers and ordinary soldiers alike are protected by steel guantlets <TGH: 3, 27, Friends and Enemies> These would be of the finger- as opposed to mitten-style, to be able to work their bows.

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