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** Trollocs **

Narg first models the Trolloc uniform, with "... black mail ... against leather trousers, and one of the huge, scythe-curved swords swung at its side." <TEotW: 5, 69, Winternight> This mail hangs "... to his knees, with spikes at wrists and elbows and shoulders ..." <TEotW: 5, 68, Winternight>. Other, numerous descriptions concur: "Black mail and spikes covered it from shoulders to knees ..." <TDR: 5, 75, Nightmares Walking; TSR: 10, 187-192, The Stone Stands; ACoS: 41, 654, A Crown of Swords; many other references>, though most commonly these spikes are found at shoulders and elbows.

TrollocThese spikes are physically attached to the mail, as "... spikes decorating the black mail ..." <TGH: xix, Prologue>, extending beyond elbows and knees for Narg and probably most Trollocs. Overall mail length seems to vary, in that Narg's trousers are easily visible, yet another Trolloc's mail-with-spikes reaches to the knees. The ACoS back cover (detail shown left), surprisingly, depicts this accurately, though the Trolloc's too small relative to Rand al'Thor: typically, they were "... half again as tall as he, or more" <ACoS: 41, 654, A Crown of Swords>, that is, about 10' in height.

Excepting boots for the hoofless, and the black mail noted above, no other form of armor is mentioned, except for a single helmet, with cutouts that allowed the Trolloc's own horns to protrude <TFoH: 22, 397, Birdcalls by Night>. Indeed, RJWoT claims that they "... wear no helmets because of the difficulty in crafting adequate protection for the wide variety of misshapen, bestial faces." <RJWoT: 7, 76, Shadowspawn>.

Trolloc clan markings consist of metal badges, small enough to fit on Lan's palm, i.e. "... a blood-red enameled metal trident, from one spiked shoulder of the Trolloc's shirt of black mail." <TEotW: 7, 101, Out of the Woods>. Rand, filled with the One Power, can "make out the pins fastened to massive mailed shoulders." <KoD: 19, 409, Vows>


    Clan marking Clan
    silver whirlwind
    blood-red trident
    forked lightning
    hooked axe
    iron fist
    blood-stained fist
    horned skull
    piled human skulls
    skull cloven by scythe-curved sword
    dagger-pierced skull
    staring eye
    dagger-pierced hand
    man-shape wrapped in flames
    unrecognized; lesser clans
    from KoD: 19, 409, Vows

As to Trolloc weapons:

    "Trolloc weapons are made at forges in the valley called Thakan'dar, on the very slopes of Shayol Ghul itself. Some of them take a taint from that place, a stain of evil in the metal." <TEotW: 8, 108, A Place of Safety>

The Takan'dar-made blades of Myrddraal are typically black, though this is consistently NOT mentioned with Trolloc swords. Trolloc weapons and armor are made differently, and indeed, RJWoT claims that these are made by Trollocs themselves, "... crude and unfinished compared to the products of human armorers, but quite deadly." <RJWoT: 7, 76, Shadowspawn>. As such, it is likely that they not black, but an unfinished steel.

Trolloc swords are thick, massive and curved like a scythe, but with the point curving forward <TEotW: 5, 76, Winternight; etc.>, as shown on the back cover of ACoS (again, see above), though the sword as shown is too small to merit the term massive.

Polynesian spear point

Spiked spears are mentioned, and "... spears with long black points and wicked hooks ..." <ACoS: 41, 654, A Crown of Swords; also KoD: 19, 407, Vows>. Wildly spiked, even hook-tipped, massive axes, and barbed tridents complete the description: "... black-mailed ... oddly spiked axes and hooked spears and scythelike swords that curved the wrong way." <TSR: 10, 187, The Stone Stands; see also TDR: 5, 75, Nightmares Walking; TEotW: 5, 69, 85, Winternight; TSR: 10, 187-192, The Stone Stands; TSR: 56, 930, Goldeneyes; RJWoT: 10, 96, Rise and Fall of the Ten Nations, etc., etc.>.

Only one axe is described in some detail: "... a long-handled axe, with half a dozen sharp spikes and a flaring blade big enough to split a tree." <TFoH: 22, 397, Birdcalls by Night> A wrist-thick shaft of a spear is mentioned elsewhere <TFoH: 55, 954, The Threads Burn>.

Trollocs rarely use bows, "... but when they do the arrows are barbed ..." <TSR 41, 676, Among the Tuatha'an>. Perrin takes an "... arrow, the size of a small spear ..." in the Two Rivers campaign; it was shot from a long curved bow, the haft was black-fletched, and the shaft is described as "thumb-thick" <TSR: 40, 667, Hunter of Trollocs; see also RJWoT: 10, 96, Rise and Fall of the Ten Nations>.

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